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Vineta has helped me a lot to overcome my personal issues. Since I started my sessions of brain training I became more confident, more focused at work, more sociable and happier.
Vineta offers a great package of services, the attention she pays to you as a person and the whole work she does is very much focused on each individual problem. I was happy with the results so I also asked her to help my middle son and he has been improving a lot. So I thank Vineta for all her help and support and for believing and making it believe it was possible to improve

- Renato

I just wanted to say thank you for the support during the rental of Neuroptimal device. Before I started using the device I was having daily panic attacks and phoning family members constantly to help calm my nerves. I also suffered from stress related seizures, but these have all stopped even my thoughts are more positive. I feel more relaxed and confident about my future now.
I would definitely recommend using the neurofeedback device to anyone considering it. You will be amazed by the results. Thank you once again.

- Sam

The result of 10 Neuroptimal neurofeedback sessions had high positive effect on my sleep quality, which therefore improved my daily life quality for better, being more effective, present and focused. It helped me to rewind back to more natural and body regulated sleep pattern, helped to sleep throughout the night without waking up and having more deep sleep, waking up naturally in the mornings and feeling more rested than before. It also helped to deepen calmness, inner stability and reduce reactivity to outer triggering circumstances. I found the experience of sessions relaxing, pleasant and non-invasive

- Inese

Our 4 year old son has autism, we were recommended to try neurofeedback as part of his treatment and were amazed with the results – only after few sessions his eye contact and focus improved, he became less hyperactive, and for the first time started to speak few words, he was paying attention to the conversations at home and trying to repeat the words. After seeing these improvements, we purchased the device for him. Would highly recommend it for kids affected by autism

- Javid

I was having panic attacks every week, I have done only 6 sessions and they are gone already.

- Joe

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