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Oxygen Chair


Increase Focus and Productivity


Stress release

Reduce Blood Pressure

Improve sleep

Improve Heart Function

Improve performance

Mental Recovery


The integrated tablet guides you through breathing exercises for optimal oxygenation and better stress management. With each inhalation and exhalation, the O2 Chair subtly repositions the body, maximising the amount of oxygen client’s lungs can take in with every breath.
Built in breath routines guide and encourage breathing through the diaphragm rather than the chest. This technique, strongly linked with yoga and meditation practices, has been shown to lower the heart rate, improve muscle stability and promote deeper states of relaxation.

Regular sessions in the O2 Chair is suggested for:




We offer the world’s first and only breathing & meditation chair, the O2 Chair! This chair is the perfect addition to any space, facility or company and has a wide range of benefits for members, customers and employees.


Corporate offices & workplaces

Reduces employee stress and increases productivity through guided deep breathing sessions as well as improved oxygen levels for greater cognitive functions.

Health Clubs & Fitness Facilities

Helps with recovery post workout or after a long day. It aids in recovery by increasing blood oxygenation, reducing fatigue and providing a sped up recovery from physical exertion.

Spa & Health Environment

Focuses on mindfulness and leads to users feeling more relaxed, oxygenised and refreshed as part of their treatment.

Co-working space

Helps add an all round wellness offering to your residents. Reduces employee stress and increases productivity.

Residential Blocks

Helps add an all round wellness offering to your residents

Hospitality & Travel

Helps alleviate stress and anxiety before or after a journey in addition to reducing the affects of jetlag